The Best Of Open Source Applications

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Open source software has won wide adoption among businesses and individuals. You can find free office applications on this page as well as a recognized Linux operating system. The best part? They are all free of charge.

Free office suite compatible with MS Office. It allows to open and save documents in MS Office formats. They can then be exchanged with MS Office users.



Thunderbird Email

Low reliability of some commercial email software can lead to a lot frustration. Migrating the desktop away form commercial software is getting easier lately. Thunderbird performs very well. It is easy to install and very reliable. 



Ubuntu Linux

Follow the above link to download a free Linux Desktop Operating System. This System is suitable for both desktop and server use. We have tested 64-bit version on Acer Aspire with AMD Sempron processor. The installation was easy. The choice of default application was well balanced for general desktop use. The system was more robust under Linux than Windows XP. LAN browsing worked "out of the box".