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Looking to update your portfolio? Do we have one cool project for you!

We need a website that:

- is user-friendly; designed for Netscape 4.0, Internet Explorer 5.0+, Mozilla Firefox 1.5+ using 800 by 600 screen      resolution and a 56K modem
- contains advancements using browser plug-ins. However, someone without browser plug-ins would still be able to access all the information
- allows viewers to easily contact us
- is professional and aesthetically pleasing

If you or someone you know is interested in this opportunity, please contact Olga Bednarek:

tel: 613-623-7794 or e-mail: olga@sototel.com


Grexum Group is an organization originally founded by a group of students at the Shad Valley Université Laval campus. We intend to protect Canada from the growing threat of biopiracy through the integration of traditional indigenous knowledge with modern science, engineering and entrepreneurship. Our main goal is to reduce the levels of poverty in native reserves across Canada. With the support from the Assembly of First Nations, we hope to promote cultural preservation within First Nations communities through the conservation of traditional knowledge, specifically traditional medicines. We also wish to develop this wisdom in order to further benefit them.

Current Website Homepage (www.grexumgroup.wordpress.com)  

Shad Valley is a month-long summer enrichment program based at twelve university campuses across Canada. It is focused on the sciences, technology and entrepreneurship. Throughout most of the program, participants work together in groups to design a product based around a theme common to all campuses. This year's theme is "Design with Conscience".

"Design with Conscience" is all about using scientific and technological innovations, along with entrepreneurship, to create a solution to important issues such as starvation, poverty, lack of education or homelessness. The solution can target either developed or developing countries.

 Out of all the projects showcased at the Shad Valley Université Laval campus this July, Grexum Group's  was chosen to move on to the national competition, the RBC/Shad Cup. Throughout August, Grexum Group will work to improve and develop their project. The final submission will be presented to a panel of judges, and awards will take place in October. 

This is an excellent chance to be part of a revolutionary solution. The website you design will help spread awareness about an important social concern, and will also be an important component of the project itself.  From a business perspective, the RBC/Shad Cup is an opportunity to give your name and/or company national exposure.

For more information about the RBC/Shad Cup please visit www.shad.ca

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